How much does this procedure cost?

When performed in the hospital Platelet Gel and Cell Salvage under most circumstances is covered by insurance. The hospital is billed directly – not the patient.

The Autologous PRP Eye Drops and the Concentrated Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells are not covered at this time by most insurance companies. Therefore, it is an out of pocket expense for the patient in most cases. The exact costs may be discussed with your surgeon prior to the procedure.

Are these procedures safe?

Because the procedure involves utilizing the patients own blood products the risks are very low.

Can Cell Salvage and Platelet Gel be utilized during OBGYN surgeries?

Under most circumstances Cell Salvage and Platelet Gel can be used during these type of procedures.

Is Cell Salvage accepted by Jehovah Witness patients?

The use of Cell Salvage is up to the conscience of the individual patient but, it has been accepted by the vast majority of Jehovah Witness patients and Elders of the Church. This is due to the fact Cell Salvage can be done with a “closed loop system”.

Under what circumstances should Cell Salvage not be used?

Cell Salvage should not be used when an infection or sepsis is present. The use of Cell Salvage in cancer surgery is controversial at this time.

What type of procedures may these services be utilized on?

The list is extensive. Please view the website for further information on the type of procedures that utilize these various services.