I asked Tonya to let me write a testimonial for her because I was her most stubborn pt. and I really wish I had done this so much sooner! I wanted others to hear it from me a real pt. that yes, this really works.

Here’s my story:

My Dr. had diagnosed me with Thygeson’s a rare eye disease, and a very painful eye condition.

The pain, and all the suffering I was going through with my eyes was taking a toll on me & my family! I couldn’t drive, read, watch T.V., use the computer, or paint (which I love to do).

My eye Dr. told me about Tonya Nuelle who was involved in a cutting edge procedure called PRP. to help “heal ” eye conditions. My Dr. recommended this treatment for me, but I was VERY reluctant to try something this new, even though I was assured there were no side effects from this procedure because it was my own blood platelets we would be using. Oh how I wish I had done this sooner! It works, and it’s so easy to have done. I finally let Tonya draw blood to make eye drops for me to try in my eyes because I truly couldn’t stand the pain anymore.

It took about 2 weeks for me to really be pain free. The grittiness cleared up first, next my vision cleared up, and finally I was pain free! I can tell you, this has given me back my life. I’m back to doing all the things I couldn’t do before!

If you are considering this procedure, don’t delay, don’t put it off, It works, yes it really works.! I’m living proof.

June 2014 – I’m giving everyone an update on my eye condition.

I HAVE BEEN CURED, yes that’s right CURED!! After getting treatments of the eye serum that Tonya Neuelle has been giving me for about the last 2-3 years I am so happy to report that I’m cured. At my appt. with my Ophthalmologist last week he told me that there was no sign of inflammation and that my eyes looked great, that of a 50 year old. I’m a weee bit older than 50.! He knew of Tonya and her treatments and he was very impressed with how well I had responded to this. So if you are considering trying this type of treatment, please don’t hesitate like I had originally. There is no reason this can’t work for you too. It’s your own body healing itself through your own Blood Platelets.

Tonya and Dough, I thank God that we meet at the Basketball games, God knew just what I needed and it was you and your treatments. You were very patient with me and my skepticism. Thank Goodness you never gave up on me.. I am forever grateful.. If I need you in the future you know I won’t hesitate to call you.

Hinkey Wilcher