Dear Scott,

I wanted to report that I am still using platelet gel that you have been providing for me for several years at Fannin Regional Hospital. I have been using it most often in septal surgery which avoids the need for packing the nose. When the septal correction is completed, the platelet gel is instilled between the mucosal leaves of the septum and then compressed for 90 seconds for the platelet gel to set which works beautifully. There have been no instances of septal hematoma following this technique. There have be no instances of hemorrhages or bleeding and all the cases have done beautifully. I am delighted with the use of Platelet gel for this purpose. I have also been using platelet gel in plastic surgery when flaps are rotated or advanced to help avoid the need of pressure dressings and the results have been excellent for this use as well. The studies that show that platelet gel improves healing is also very encouraging. We are very pleased to have this technology available.

Hamilton S. Dixon, M.D. HSD/wh