for the last 5 years. I have used it on skin grafts, tissue with comprised healing ability and mastectomy sites.

I was the most impressed with the healing provided for my mastecotmy patients with platelet gel. I was able to reduce from 2 drains for a mastectomy site to a single drain and then for the last 3 years I have not used any drains. The application of the platelet gel to the mastectomy wound bed significantly reduces the seroma formation to allow for this change to not using post op drains.

The service provided by Mrs. Nuelle and her staff has been exemplary.   Tim Whitaker, M.D.

I have been using platelet gel routinely

to have been a candidate for BMAC therapy. I suffered for some time with pain 4 out of 10 at it’s best. At times, I could barely walk and I had many sleepless nights. I had the BMAC therapy done 2 years ago this December at Fannin Regional Hospital by Dr. Douglas Nuelle. There has been no further deterioration and most importantly, the pain I was experiencing is gone!

If you are the right candidate I would highly recommend this very minor procedure. Mary

I was very fortunate

who received platelet gel during a hysterectomy, I can honestly say that, after I left the hospital, I did not even fill my prescription for pain medication.  I might have taken two over-the-counter Advil when I came home.  I had virtually no bleeding, either.  With the obvious remarkable job of a skilled surgeon and the application and use of the platelet gel, also by skilled hands, my recovery was uneventful and short.  If given the choice, I would definitely ask for platelet gel with any future surgeries. Cindy

As a patient

was very beneficial to my hip replacement surgery and recovery. It reduced and at times eliminated my pain. I felt confident that because of the PRP post-op infection was minimized. It allowed me to return to work in 6 weeks, instead of the usual 8 weeks. Charlie

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)