My Dr. had diagnosed me with Thygeson’s a rare eye disease, and a very painful eye condition.

The pain, and all the suffering I was going through with my eyes was taking a toll on me & my family! I couldn’t drive, read, watch T.V., use the computer, or paint (which I love to do).

My eye Dr. told me about Tonya Nuelle who was involved in a cutting edge procedure called PRP. to help “heal ” eye conditions. My Dr. recommended this treatment for me, but I was VERY reluctant to try something this new, even though I was assured there were no side effects from this procedure because it was my own blood platelets we would be using. Oh how I wish I had done this sooner! It works, and it’s so easy to have done. I finally let Tonya draw blood to make eye drops for me to try in my eyes because I truly couldn’t stand the pain anymore.

It took about 2 weeks for me to really be pain free. The grittiness cleared up first, next my vision cleared up, and finally I was pain free! I can tell you, this has given me back my life. I’m back to doing all the things I couldn’t do before!

If you are considering this procedure, don’t delay, don’t put it off, It works, yes it really works.! I’m living proof.

I’m giving everyone an update on my eye condition.

I HAVE BEEN CURED, yes that’s right CURED!! After getting treatments of the eye serum that Tonya Neuelle has been giving me for about the last 2-3 years I am so happy to report that I’m cured. At my appt. with my Ophthalmologist last week he told me that there was no sign of inflammation and that my eyes looked great, that of a 50 year old. I’m a weee bit older than 50.! He knew of Tonya and her treatments and he was very impressed with how well I had responded to this. So if you are considering trying this type of treatment, please don’t hesitate like I had originally. There is no reason this can’t work for you too. It’s your own body healing itself through your own Blood Platelets.

Tonya and Dough, I thank God that we meet at the Basketball games, God knew just what I needed and it was you and your treatments. You were very patient with me and my skepticism. Thank Goodness you never gave up on me.. I am forever grateful.. If I need you in the future you know I won’t hesitate to call you.  Hinkey Wilcher


Here’s my story
I wanted to report that I am still using platelet gel that you have been providing for me for several years at Fannin Regional Hospital. I have been using it most often in septal surgery which avoids the need for packing the nose. When the septal correction is completed, the platelet gel is instilled between the mucosal leaves of the septum and then compressed for 90 seconds for the platelet gel to set which works beautifully. There have been no instances of septal hematoma following this technique. There have be no instances of hemorrhages or bleeding and all the cases have done beautifully. I am delighted with the use of Platelet gel for this purpose. I have also been using platelet gel in plastic surgery when flaps are rotated or advanced to help avoid the need of pressure dressings and the results have been excellent for this use as well. The studies that show that platelet gel improves healing is also very encouraging. We are very pleased to have this technology available.  Sincerely, Hamilton S. Dixon, M.D. HSD/wh
Dear Scott

in the past for ovarian cysts.  Every one of them, I had pain and nausea upon awakening and soreness for several days afterward.  I had seen the application of platelet gel several times while working in the OR and Tonya approached me about considering it for application with my LAVH/BSO.  I thought I would give it a try, since I am a lightweight when it comes to pain.  Upon awakening from surgery, I had mild nausea and pain as compared to surgeries in the past.  I was given a couple of doses of Dilaudid and some Phenergan for the nausea.  My  pain quickly resolved.  I remained in the hospital overnight and never took anything for breakthrough pain (was on a continuous Dilaudid PCA at a low dose).  At time of discharge, I was given a prescription for Percocet.  I never took the first one while recovering at home.  I had a more pleasant experience with this surgery as compared to the several ovarian cystectomies I had in the past.   If I had to rate the average pain after the previous surgeries, I would probably rate it at about a 4-5.

After the LAVH, I had very little or no pain, with an average rating of a 1.  Also, Dr. Denton commented at my post op visit at how nicely my vaginal cuff had healed.  I would highly recommend the application of platelet gel as it is appropriate in the GYN surgical setting. Carrie

I have had several surgeries