in the past for ovarian cysts.  Every one of them, I had pain and nausea upon awakening and soreness for several days afterward.  I had seen the application of platelet gel several times while working in the OR and Tonya approached me about considering it for application with my LAVH/BSO.  I thought I would give it a try, since I am a lightweight when it comes to pain.  Upon awakening from surgery, I had mild nausea and pain as compared to surgeries in the past.  I was given a couple of doses of Dilaudid and some Phenergan for the nausea.  My  pain quickly resolved.  I remained in the hospital overnight and never took anything for breakthrough pain (was on a continuous Dilaudid PCA at a low dose).  At time of discharge, I was given a prescription for Percocet.  I never took the first one while recovering at home.  I had a more pleasant experience with this surgery as compared to the several ovarian cystectomies I had in the past.   If I had to rate the average pain after the previous surgeries, I would probably rate it at about a 4-5.

After the LAVH, I had very little or no pain, with an average rating of a 1.  Also, Dr. Denton commented at my post op visit at how nicely my vaginal cuff had healed.  I would highly recommend the application of platelet gel as it is appropriate in the GYN surgical setting. Carrie